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A highly technical and updated processing is used with almonds we deal with.
Almond collecting takes place in September. Fresh almonds are transported to our warehouse to be selected according to different varieties, following the usual processing:
1. Cracking: Kernel is extracted from inside the shell.

2. Calibrating – Size discrimination, sieving, and imperfection detection.



3. Blanching – Kernel skin is removed maintaining organoleptic features.

Tren de Repelado
Máquina Electrónica
Blanching Line
Automatic line
Cinta de Selección
Máquina Cribadora
Picking Line
Sieving line

4. Industrial Processing – Almonds are processed into slices, slivered sticks, dices or almond grind meal.

Almendras en Láminas
Almendras en Bastones
Blanched Almond Slices
Blanched Almond Slivered
Cubitos de Almendra
Harina de Almendra
Blanched Almond Diced
Blanched Almond Meal

5. Packaging – Sterilized almond produces are packed into:

- Plastic bags (1-2-10 kg.)
- Cardboard boxes (5-10-12.5-25-1,000 kg.)
- Raffia & Ijira bags (25-50-1,000 kg.)

Storage at a temperature between 10-12ºC and a relative humidity of 65%, guarantees suitable conditions.

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